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Elizabeth M. McCartney, D.D.S., M.S.

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"Hands on orthodontic care with one-on-one communication, and no middle man!  My daughter received wonderful care with Dr. McCartney in a clean and friendly office environment.  I also loved the flexible scheduling of appointment times and office location."



"Our family started with Dr. McCartney in 1998 when our 7th grade daughter went into braces.  The experience went remarkably easy, and she came out with a beautiful smile.  We returned to Dr. McCartney, without hesitation in 2011, when my husband was sent into braces.


Dr. McCartney's demeanor works well both with children and adults.  She puts her patients at ease with her bright and cheery office with the latest holiday decorations."


-Mark and Jill

Mark and Jill love our service!

Comfortable and convenient for your kids!

"Both of my sons have had braces. My older son’s (not a patient of Dr. McCartney) experience was a nightmare. We went to an orthodontist that has an office on every corner but we could never get after school appointments. At his appointments, the assistants did most of the work and if he had an emergency it was dealt with at the next scheduled appointment. My son (not a patient of Dr. McCartney) had his braces on for almost 4 years. My younger son has gone to Dr. McCartney and has received very personal attention in a relaxing atmosphere. We speak to Dr. McCartney directly and her schedule is much more flexible for scheduling appointments and dealing with emergencies. The work she has done has been excellent and is state of the art. Her fun and quirky sense of humor makes visits enjoyable and my son leaves each visit with a smile. But even more important, he will have a beautiful one for the rest of his life."



Clean and inviting environment

"Three years ago, I began looking for an orthodontist in the area for my grandson. The first one did not impress me, even with the discounts that were offered. The others were very busy with dental assistants doing a lot of observation and work, as clients were shuttled thru in a hurry. Then I met Dr. Elizabeth McCartney. She was serious, but friendly. I was impressed especially when I found she took care of the clients care exclusively. The office was clean and inviting. The fee for braces was reasonable and monthly payments could be paid by mail, paid at the office or if closed dropped thru the slot in the door. Appointments were not a problem and were made as convenient as possible. In 3 years I don’t think we waited over 10 minutes. And calls to the office were returned. Most importantly, my grandson liked the Dr.   I never heard one negative comment from him, and at ages 15 thru 18, they make their opinions known. The braces are now off and his smile is beautiful. He didn’t smile for about 4 years prior to orthodontics. He still has monthly visits to check his retainers. I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth McCartney, if you are looking for a good orthodontist and a beautiful smile."