You're not an account number, you're a beautiful smile.

Elizabeth M. McCartney, D.D.S., M.S.

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Be a part of our family

One phone call has resulted in four years of exemplary care

When we had to find an orthodontist for our daughter, we initially relied on the referral of our dentist. However, after checking with friends and associates the name we heard repeatedly was Dr. Elizabeth McCartney. So, we took their advice and made an appointment. That one phone call has resulted in four years of exemplary care (2 years of braces & 2 years of retainers). During our initial appointment Dr. McCartney patiently explained why braces would be required and showed us the x-rays to demonstrate the problem and the resolution, she was seeking. In a developmentally appropriate manner Dr. McCartney spoke and speaks directly to our daughter, acknowledging that she plays an important part for a successful outcome. She armed all of us with information and we immediately felt she had our daughter’s best interest at heart. During the course of treatment and follow up appointments, Dr. McCartney has always responded to our questions and promptly responded to any telephone calls. As a regulator I am trained to observe, assess, and analyze environments, people and situations. I use all of those skills when determining whom to entrust our daughter’s care and Dr. McCartney is the best.

Her office is clean, warm, inviting, and appropriate for all age groups. She efficiently sees patients and has proven to be flexible when our busy schedules abruptly change. Her knowledge, skill, patient care and delightful personality have inspired our teenager to consider the profession of dentistry. Dr. McCartney reminds me of the medical professionals form my childhood because we aren’t an account number, delegated to contact only through an automated system. We are a part of her family and it’s always nice to go “home”.




My son leaves each visit with a smile

Both of my sons have had braces. My older son’s (not a patient of Dr. McCartney) experience was a nightmare. We went to an orthodontist that has an office on every corner but we could never get after school appointments. At his appointments, the assistants did most of the work and if he had an emergency it was dealt with at the next scheduled appointment. My son (nor a patient of Dr. McCartney) had his braces on for almost 4 years. My younger son has gone to Dr. McCartney and has received very personal attention in a relaxing atmosphere. We speak to Dr. McCartney directly and her schedule is much more flexible for scheduling appointments and dealing with emergencies. The work she has done has been excellent and is state of the art. He fun and quirky sense of humor makes visits enjoyable and my son leaves each visit with a smile. But even more important, he will have a beautiful one for the rest of his life.



“One-on-one personalized approach”

Our family has been receiving quality orthodontic treatment from Dr. McCartney for about the past 15 years. We are a Perrysburg family with four children, all of whom have been in braces and received quality care and attention while in treatment from Dr. McCartney. While there are a number of orthodontic practices in our area, we chose to go “across the river into Maumee” because we were seeking more of a “one-on-one personalized approach” to meet our family’s orthodontic needs. Dr. McCartney’s pricing was competitive and offered a very manageable payment plan. In today’s orthodontic market there appears to be so much fluff and hype and little extras in many of the treatment centers that are unnecessary. That type of approach does not contribute to the science of orthodontic treatment, that type of approach only increases costs! Dr. McCartney’s practice is solid and gets the job done without all the hype and hidden costs! Our experience has been very positive and we highly recommend Dr. McCartney in Maumee to evaluate and determine a treatment plan for your family’s orthodontic needs!



Mark, Kathleen, Mark, Mike, Erin, & Sean

The braces are now off and his smile is beautiful

Three years ago, I began looking for an orthodontist in the area for my grandson. The first one did not impress me, even with the discounts that were offered. The others were very busy with dental assistants doing a lot of observation and work, as clients were shuttled thru in a hurry. Then I met Dr. Elizabeth McCartney. She was serious, but friendly. I was impressed especially when I found she took care of the clients care exclusively. The office was clean and inviting. The fee for braces was reasonable and monthly payments could be paid by mail, paid at the office or if closed dropped thru the slot in the door. Appointments were not a problem and were made as convenient as possible. In 3 years I don’t think we waited over 10 minutes. And calls to the office were returned. Most importantly, my grandson liked the Dr. I never heard one negative comment form him, and at ages 15 thru 18, they make their opinions known. The braces are now off and his smile is beautiful. He didn’t smile for about 4 years prior to orthodontics. He still has monthly visits to check his retainers. I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth McCartney, if you are looking for a good orthodontist and a beautiful smile.




The orthodontist we would highly recommend

To those who would consider Dr. McCartney’s services:

Our boys have been under the care of Dr. McCartney since 2009. They have always been good about going to their regular appointments as in their words, “Dr. McCartney is fun, nice, and gentle. She laughs at our jokes and gives good advice instead of lectures.” As Parents we have appreciated that Dr. McCartney is a good family practitioner. She is thoughtful when scheduling appointments, is flexible when working you in for emergency repairs, and is considerate of her patients’ needs. She offered timely advice on further dental care for our sons, which helped to support our long-term goals for their overall dental health. Getting established with Dr. McCartney was fairly easy and affordable. She is patient when stepping you through the initial paperwork and is willing to work with you on an agreeable payment plan. Everyone knows that this level of dental care is expensive, but Dr. McCartney made it workable for our family finances.


Dr. McCartney is the orthodontist we would highly recommend.



Heidi & Bryan

Quality work and exceptional care

We became acquainted with Dr. Elizabeth McCartney through referral by the orthodontist from whom she acquired this practice. Three members of our immediate family have completed orthodontic treatment by Dr. McCartney. We have been well satisfied with her quality work and the exceptional care she extends personally to each patient. Not only did we receive the expertise of Dr. McCartney in skill and conscientious

manner, she also thoroughly explained the high quality products she believes in and uses. If cost is you only criteria, you may well find another practice offering services at a lower fee; however, we were not interested in the assembly-line production offered by some highly advertised competitors, where orthodontists routinely rely on assistants to carry out the majority of patient care.



Dr. McCartney is a classy lady

What can I say about Dr. Elizabeth McCartney? Dr. McCartney is a classy lady. She always has a smile on her face. It started when our daughter needed braces (in 2007), we got our list from the dentist, but we didn’t look any further than Dr. McCartney. Dr. McCartney’s office is inviting and the fact that she is so friendly and considerate, it was an easy choice. Dr. McCartney’s contract is easy to understand. The payments are affordable. Scheduling with her was never a problem. We had such a great experience. It was no question when our younger son needed braces (in 2009). After having both children in braces, I found myself at 40 putting myself in braces. I would not change anything with the choice we made those years ago. Dr. McCartney is the best orthodontist. I always recommend her.



We always have fun during our visits

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. McCartney’s since October, 2012. I chose Dr. McCartney as my child’s orthodontist based on her experience, professionalism, and the affordability of services. Also, Dr. McCartney is conveniently located in downtown Maumee, which is close to my South Toledo home. Parking is always available and Dr. McCartney does her best to accommodate our work/school schedules when setting up appointments.

I am very pleased with the care my daughter has received from Dr. McCartney. She and I like Dr. McCartney very much and we always have fun during our office visits. We have always felt comfortable in our dealings with Dr. McCartney and recommend her highly to anyone in need of orthodontic care. Dr. McCartney takes time to explain procedures to parents and patients. Her friendly yet professional demeanor convinced us that we made the right choice. My daughter has not had any issues with her braces and her teeth already look great!



Excellent care and treatment

I would highly recommend Dr. McCartney’s orthodontist practice. My three daughters have all received excellent care and treatment. She is friendly, knowledgeable and we have experienced outstanding service. She is realistically priced, while searching a few years ago for a new practice; my first daughter’s orthodontist had retired. I had consulted with two others before arriving to Dr. McCartney’s practice. We felt comfortable and assured that treatment would be successful. She thoroughly explained the time involved and type of treatment needed, which we agreed we would work together on. My daughters do their part following what is expected of them to make their treatment successful. Along with Dr. McCartney’s plan we see positive results. Our appointments are on time and service is convenient.



Dental treatment personally designed for you

I have recommended Dr. Elizabeth McCartney’s orthodontic practice to many of my friends and family because of Dr. McCartney’s:


1) Individualized & one-on-one treatments

2) Knowledgeable and professional approach with many insurance plans

3) Thorough consultation and completion of treatment


Dr. E. McCartney knew my daughter personally and designed her treatment programs around patient centered care versus just another teenager in need of braces. We consulted with other orthodontic practices in the area and picked Dr. McCartney over several other highly reputable centers. Dr. McCartney offers affordable down payments with 0% interest payment plans, convenient hours, and most important excellent results.




I am truly thankful

Dr. McCartney has been my son’s orthodontist for a year. In that time I have some to appreciate her and her service for many reasons. First, my son’s gaps are completely gone and he can smile with confidence once again. Also, Dr. McCartney answered all our questions in a clear, businesslike manner. Once my son had a wire causing him pain, she was able to see him the next day to help him. Finally, the thing I appreciate most about Dr. McCartney is her promptness and the efficiency with which she runs her office. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes before she saw my son. She never wasted my time, and for that I am truly thankful.



My boys both have great smiles thanks to Dr. McCartney.

Dr. McCartney did the orthodontia work for both of my boys. One of my boys had what seemed to be “simpler” issues and was in braces for about 2 years; the other had more complicated issues and was in braces for 3 years. Prior to braces my boys each had separate repeated injuries resulting in fractured front teeth. Thankfully since braces, we have not required any teeth repairs! It was great to work with Dr. McCartney. We enjoyed our interactions with her. She promptly returned phone calls and unless they had a unique need we were able to schedule appointments after school hours. One of my boys returned to Dr. McCartney following complications from wisdom teeth extraction and she is once again correcting some of the damage that resulted. My boys both have great smiles thanks to Dr. McCartney.